GDA Coordinator Test

Welcome to your GDA Coordinator 2018 Test

Program/Team Name
In the event a team has to postpone or cancel a game several hours before it is scheduled to play, they should immediately notify __________________ by phone. They should then follow up by email with the District Coordinator, Web Master, opposing team's head coach, and the Official's Assigner.
The home team is responsible for making sure there is a medical person _________________________________.
It is the responsibility of the __________________________ to address spectator behavior that is unacceptable. They may receive a penalty card if they don't have someone fix the problem.
Once the game has begun, the ________________________________ will make the decision to stop the game in the event of inclement weather.
The GDA is responsible for ensuring that the game won't be delayed by ___________________________.
The GDA is responsible for ensuring that game results for _____________________ are reported using the District Game Results Reporting System within 24 hours of the completion of the game so that the administrators can monitor red and yellow card issuances and take timely appropriate action.
After a team receives its __________________________________ of the game they will play a player short below the restraining lines for the remainder of that game, including overtime, and an additional player will be removed from the game and enter the penalty area for each subsequent card received.
________________________________ are allowed to stand along the sideline areas on the same side of the field as the game table and bench areas. The home team GDA is responsible for enforcing this.
The password for the Secure Page of the District web site is ____________________________________.
The 8 meter arc radius is measured from the center of the goal circle. The distance from the center of the circle to the 8 meter arc (i.e. the radius used to trace the arc) is ______________________.