Category: GDA

Under the secure page, there is a link to look up contact information for all teams in the league. This information is updated via the team portal and is the responsibility of the team to keep current.

Category: GDA

Stop what you are doing and contact Chris, the system failed somewhere (probably a bad roster entry or bad game id). DO NOT SUBMIT the score until it has been fixed.

Category: GDA

Contact the team that is missing the player and ask them to add them to the proper roster. Once the roster has been updated, reload the score system and the missing player will show up.


Category: General

No, I will not give you access to the site. In order to gain access you need to do the following:

  1. Have someone in your organization add you in the team portal under your proper title.
  2. Click on the secure page and enter the password, this password is given out during GDA training and someone in your organization should have it.
  3. Click Team Portal Recovery and select your organization and if added your name will be in the second drop down, select it.
  4. Click submit, this will send an email to the email we have on record for you (assuming your organization set you up right) with a link to the team portal, make sure you check your spam and add to your contact list to prevent anything in the future from going to the spam folder.