Coronavirus and the season

TGHSLL has decided to suspend the season until 3/31, we will re-evaluate after that date.  UIL is suspended till 3/29, most of our teams would be under the UIL umbrella, so that was the date we decided to go with.

We looked at the schedule and there is 17 count games between now and the end of the month.  We are pretty full after March till the end of the season, so we will be looking at playing possible back to back games and pulling non count games.  We will take a further look at that closer to the end of this suspension.

When spring break is over please start working on field availability, and start working with the teams you were not able to play during this suspension to possibly reschedule those games, we will pull non count games first.

We will also be working with the officials on possibly extending the season, and will update everyone as soon as we know, we are trying everything in our power to make sure we get to play a full season.